Whiteaker, Eugene, Oregon

Is the Whiteaker community in Eugene, Oregon, an ideal place for raising a family?


The Whiteaker community in Eugene, Oregon, shares information on why it is an ideal place to raise a family.

The Whiteaker neighborhood, sometimes known as “The Whit,” grew out of a historic part of Eugene to become the city’s leading insider hangout. Every corner seems to have an artist, every block seems to have a brewery, and Eugene’s most inventive and down-to-earth farm-to-table eateries and food trucks.

The community’s open heart is Blair Boulevard, which stretches diagonally from 6th to 1st Street. Railroad tracks run through industrial and residential districts, adding to the gritty urban environment. The Washington Jefferson Bridge, which covers a huge skate park, is to the east, while the Willamette River and its riverside parklands are to the north.


Population and Demographics

Whiteaker has a population of 3,646 people, according to the most recent census statistics from 2021. It has 2,106 people per square mile, which is 42% lower than Eugene. Furthermore, the median age of 41 is 22% greater than Eugene’s. Residents in the neighborhood identify as White (87 percent), Black (3 percent), and Asian (3%). (1.3 percent ).


Real Estate and Home Values

According to Realtor, Whiteaker is a buyer’s market as of May 2021. What does it imply? It means that the number of people trying to buy a home is more significant than the number of those looking to sell.

Whiteaker’s current median listing price is $360,000, up 72 percent from the previous year. The median listing price per square foot is $199, with a median transaction price of $353,500.



River Road ElementaryKelly Middle School, and North Eugene High School are all in this neighborhood. The 4J school district includes these schools. Furthermore, they will attend local universities such as the University of Oregon.



The Whiteaker neighborhood is one of the city’s low-income regions, with a population of low-income earners. Furthermore, Whiteaker’s typical household income is $23,607, indicating 57% lower than the national average. Moreover, the area’s per capita income is $21,937, 26% lower than the national average.

Approximately 47% of the working population in this area is employed in management, executive, or professional positions. Furthermore, 22% work in sales and service activities, while 15% work in manufacturing and laborer jobs.


Events and Activities

The Whit has its vibe, and every year it invites the entire community into the “Whiteaker Block Party,” which closes the streets and brings the neighborhood to life with booths, music, food trucks, and live music. In addition, the Block Party gives visitors a feel of the neighborhood’s artistic energy, which can be seen every day in the neighborhood’s many murals.

The neighborhood also hosts the Community Market, an arts and farmers market on Sundays beginning in May and usually lasts until early October.

Ninkasi’s restaurant and tasting room, The Better Living Room, is a popular destination in the Whiteaker area. Explore the other nearby fermenters when you’ve had your fill of Ninkasi’s ultra-cool vibes and sustainably delicious food pairings — everything Ninkasi does is with the community in mind.

For other fantastic craft beer experiences, go to Oakshire Brewing Company, a local favorite; Hop Valley Brewing Company, an intriguing industry pioneer; and The Wheel Apizza Pub, the epitome of locavore brewing. Aside from that, the nearby Wildcraft Cider Works ferments fruit and even prepares a community cider from apple gleanings.

Whiteaker is one of Eugene’s best neighborhoods, with plenty of exciting activities and possibilities. It is also close to Eugene’s renowned schools and superb amenities. As a result, Whiteaker is one of Eugene’s most desirable neighborhoods.

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