Moving to Whiteaker, Eugene, Oregon

This renaissance neighborhood, affectionately known as “The Whit,” sprang from a significant Eugene location to establish itself as the city’s premier insider hangout. In this area, it seems as though there is a brewery on every block, a gallery around every corner, and Whiteaker Eugene’s most avant-garde, homey, farm-to-table eateries or food carts everywhere you turn.

Eugene is a city in the American state of Oregon, part of the Pacific Northwest region. Near the confluence of the McKenzie and Willamette rivers, the southernmost part of the Willamette Valley is a little more than 50 miles east of the Oregon Coast.

It might take just reading the following details regarding Whiteaker, Eugene, to make your next move.


With a median age of 41.3, Whitaker has 3,646 residents with a 1.2:1 male to female ratio. Whiteaker Eugene’s population per square mile sits at 2,106. 41% of the population has kids that are under 18 years old.

Real Estate

Oregon ranked sixth among US relocation destinations in the National Movers Study for 2019 (NMS). As a result, the rate at which Oregon’s real estate market is growing is unprecedented. In addition, due to the historically low borrowing rates in 2020 and 2021, prices have increased.

The median list price of homes for sale in Whiteaker, Eugene, OR, is $435,000. Whiteaker in Eugene, Oregon, has 1126 properties that are actively for sale, according to

Employment Opportunities

Oregon’s economy is now ranked eighth in the US, according to Wallethub.  Jobs in Whiteaker, Eugene, include fabrication technicians, babysitters, and other related positions. Therefore, you’ll need to perform much research before deciding to relocate, depending on your line of employment.


Eugene’s communities are intricately knit together and place high importance on fostering a sense of community. Especially in South Eugene, they are a popular option for parents who want to instill progressive values in their children. 

One of the best public schools in the state and unquestionably one of the most distinctive is South Eugene High School, also known lovingly as the “University of South Eugene.” 

Children in Whiteaker Eugene have other educational opportunities, like River Road/El Camino Del Rio Elementary School.

Fun Things to do in Whiteaker Eugene

Visit the Whiteaker Community Market for handmade goods, Sam Bond’s Garage for live music, and Blairally Vintage Arcade for vintage games, among other locations. At the Clay Space and Whiteaker Printmakers, you may mingle with artists. For organic, regional goods and take-out cuisine, visit the renowned Red Barn Natural Grocery. If you have a group, make reservations in advance for a Pacific Pub Cycle tour of the neighborhood shops. This vehicle that is propelled by pedals is much fun!


There is a demand for outstanding cuisine wherever there are lovely beverages. So inspired local cooks popped up their dream kitchens around the neighborhood, bringing Eugene’s pioneering spirit to life. A stunning display of world cuisine, including Izakaya Meji Company, TacovoreChao Pra Ya Thai Cuisine, and Evergreen Indian, as well as a variety of food carts, is the end product. Many brewers who have expanded their tasting rooms to include food menus have the same philosophy.

There you have it, then. Moving to Whiteaker Eugene and making it your permanent residence in the future is an excellent decision for many reasons!


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