Moving to Western, Eugene, Oregon


Based on population density, Western Eugene is a city district in Eugene, Oregon. Most Western Eugene neighborhood homes are established but not old, having been constructed between 1970 and 1999, so one can expect some old-world charm there. Additionally, a handful of houses were built between 1940 and 1969. 

For instance, one might note the buildings’ age or the number of languages used on store signs. The Western area in Eugene has several remarkable features concerning its appearance and way of life that deserve mention.

Sit back and unwind; if you have a penchant for old-fashioned neighborhoods, it might persuade you to move to Western Eugene’s unique area.


Did you know that the Western neighborhood in America has the most significant proportion of residents with Eastern European ancestry? It is amazing! In actuality, 2.8% of the individuals in this neighborhood are of Eastern European descent. 

Western languages are also unique. For example, it is noteworthy that 1.8% of the city’s people who are five years old and older speak Greek at home. Even though this may seem small, it is more significant than in 98.9% of American neighborhoods.

German is the most popular ethnicity or ancestry listed by homeowners in Eugene, Oregon’s Western neighborhood (13.6%). Additionally, there are many people of Irish ancestry (13.2%), residents with Mexican ancestry (10.9%), some people with English ancestry (5.0%), and people with Italian ancestry (4.8%), among others.

Occupations in Western Eugene

Manufacturing and laborer industries employ 30.8% of the working population in the Western neighborhood. Sales and customer service jobs, including jobs at major accounts and fast-food establishments, are the neighborhood’s second-most significant occupational group, hiring 30.0% of the population. In addition, 12.1% of the residents here work in clerical, assistant, and tech support jobs, while 26.2% are engaged in executive, management, and professional roles.

Getting Around Western Eugene

You might still need to drive to work if you can walk about your area. However, the majority of commuters in the Western neighborhood (35.1% of working residents) get to work in under 15 minutes, making it one of the shortest commutes in all of America. 

Most locals (70.0%) commute alone to work in a private vehicle. In addition, many people (13.9%) take the bus to work, and 6.8% of locals carpool with coworkers, friends, or neighbors to get to work daily. Like much of the country, many locals in this neighborhood consider having a car helpful in going to work.


Would you like to be able to commute to work on your bike? Biking to work might be the solution if you are intrigued by the concept of minimizing your carbon footprint and obtaining some light two-wheeled exercise. However, depending on your community, this might be impossible or a fantastic and viable solution. The Western neighborhood is an excellent choice for people who commute by bicycle, as 6.6% of residents do so regularly. 

Additionally, more people commute here by bus (13.9%), compared to 95.6% of all commuters nationwide.


There are a lot of well-known local spots in Western Eugene. Hole in the Wall BBQl tops the list of recommendations in the Western neighborhood. Their American barbeque menu has received awards for its traditional and slow-cooked barbeque. Next, visit the Bao Bao House for some Asian fill through their excellent dim sum selection. Finally, for some good hamburgers, you can count on Northwest Burgers for some mouthwatering and juicy burgers on your next craving attack.

There you have it, then. Here are several reasons to call Western Eugene your next home. Book that trip, visit this charming location, and eventually call it your neighborhood.


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