Moving to West, Eugene, Oregon

The Pacific Northwest state of Oregon in the United States is where the city of Eugene is located. Just a little over 50 miles east of the Oregon Coast in the southernmost point of the Willamette Valley. Furthermore, this is close to the meeting point of the McKenzie and Willamette rivers.

The Hult Center for the Performing Arts, a modern facility for art performances and ballet, and the McDonald Theatre, a music and comedy venue housed in a 1925 movie theater, are both located in suburban West Eugene.

Reading the following information about West Eugene can help decide on a big move to a new neighborhood.


With a median age of 36.8, West Eugene has 52,481 residents. 48.85% of them are women, and 51.15 percent of them are men.  Residents of West Eugene born in the US make up 91.6% of the population, while those born elsewhere make up 3.61%. Additionally, non-citizens make up 4.79% of the population.

In West Eugene, the same home has been occupied by 40,774 people since last year.

 Real Estate

According to the  2019 National Movers Study, Oregon was the sixth-most popular relocation destination in the US. Oregon’s real estate market results in expanding at a never-before-seen rate. In addition, unprecedented buyer demand generated by 2020 and 2021’s record-low borrowing rates has increased prices.

The median listing price of homes for sale in West Eugene, Eugene, OR, is $80,000. In Eugene, Oregon, there are 882 current properties for sale, according to

 Employment Opportunities

According to Wallethub, Oregon’s economy is currently seventh in the US.

Jobs in West Eugene include healthcare, restaurant services, retail sales, social services, and non-profit organizations. Depending on your area of work, you will need to study before deciding to relocate.


In Eugene, neighborhoods are closely interwoven and place a great value on creating a feeling of community. Therefore, they are a well-liked choice for parents who want to foster progressive ideas in their kids since they are diverse, especially in South Eugene.

South Eugene High School, commonly affectionately referred to as the “University of South Eugene,” is one of the most outstanding public schools in the state and undoubtedly one of the most unique.

The educational options for children here in West Eugene are Mccornack Elementary SchoolCesar E. Chavez Elementary School, and Twin Oaks Elementary School.

 Fun Things to do in Eugene

Hop in and out of different museums and parks in West Eugene. These present the Hult Center for the Performing Arts, Monroe Park, and Charnel Mulligan Park. Also, consider the outdoor activities for the kids at Cascades Raptor Center and the Willamette River bike trail. So bring the kids out and head on a little bit towards Eugene.


West Eugene is home to many well-known neighborhood hangouts. In the Eugene region, Houndstooth Public House continues to receive the most referrals. Visit Placido’s Pasta Shop to fill up on pasta. On Fridays or in the middle of the week, stop by the Drunken Fish for some cocktails and seafood.

Above information prove  many reasons to move to West Eugene and make it a permanent home in the future!


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