Moving to Eugene Zip Code 97403, Oregon


Eugene Zip Code 97403 in Western Oregon has a marginally smaller total geographical area than other Zip codes across the nation. The population density is also slightly below average. 

You could decide more wisely if you consider the details on Eugene Zip Code 97403 that are presented below.

Population Demographics

The population of Eugene’s zip code 97403 is 11,622. About 2,713 people per square mile in the area. Despite the middle-aged demographic of Eugene’s zip code 97403, the US median age is 37.4. In addition, there are many adult singles and hardly any families. The 97403 ZIP code has a significantly lower proportion of people under 18 than comparable areas of the nation.

Real Estate

Homes for sale in Eugene Zip Code 97403 have a median listing price of $719,522, according to In Eugene Zip Code 97403, there are 56 active houses for sale, which are listed for an average of 42 days.


Schools like Edison Elementary School and Camas Ridge Community School are available in Eugene Zip Code 97403 to educate your young children. This region is designated for Eugene School District 4j, rated average overall based on student test results, and has roughly 17,208 kids enrolled in 40 schools.

Weather and Climate

July, August, and September are the coziest months in the Eugene 97403 zip code, while December and January are the coldest. Unfortunately, Eugene Zip Code 97403 rains most of the time, so be prepared with your umbrellas and raincoats!

The warmest months in the Eugene 97403 area code are July, August, and September, while the coldest months are December and January. Be ready with your umbrellas and raincoats since Eugene Zip Code 97403 experiences the most frequent rainfall!


The most general job categories in Eugene Zip Code 97403 are teaching occupations like assistant professors and guidance counselors. In addition, prospects are available in the hospitality and restaurant service sectors.


Vehicles are the most popular mode of transportation to places of employment in much of the country. Eugene Zip Code 97403 is one of the nation’s most bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly cities, with one of the most excellent percentages of residents who commute to work by these modes of transportation. Compared to the majority of the country, more Eugene Zip Code 97403 residents can work from home. Most Americans commute in under 30 minutes in most areas of the nation. Compared to almost every other place in the US, a higher percentage of workers in Eugene Zip Code 97403 have shorter commutes. Many commuters should count themselves fortunate that their commutes aren’t any longer.


If you live in Eugene’s zip code 97403, your favorite Eugene entertainment venues are only a short drive away. Visit the Eugene Science Center for practical science instruction. For a more sophisticated experience, visit the Oregon Air and Space Museum. Another indoor activity is going to the Lane County Museum. Visit Amazon Park for some outdoor entertainment. There are a lot of kid-friendly activities available.


The Eugene zip code 97403 is home to many well-known local hangouts. These include Agate Alley Bistro, a laid-back restaurant serving food made from locally sourced ingredients; McMenamins East 19th Street Cafe, which serves burgers and has billboards; and Wild Duck Cafe, which hosts weekend sports events. For some fresh vegetables and everything else, the 5th Street Public Market should be your first stop on a Sunday market excursion.

So there you have it. Making Eugene Zip Code 97403 your permanent residence in the future is a savvy choice for several reasons.


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