Moving to East Campus Eugene, Oregon

Have you heard about East Campus Eugene, Oreogon? Here are useful information on East Campus Eugene  to take into account that is helpful in making a wise decision. 

Working Population

According to population density, Eugene, Oregon’s East Campus/the University of Oregon, is a city. About 51.7% of East Campus/University of Oregon’s working population works in executive, management, and professional occupations. Sales and service jobs at large accounts and fast food chains, are the second-most important occupational group in this neighborhood, employing 26.9% of the population. Other locals work include laborers (6.4%), workers in manufacturing (13.4%), and clerical, assistant, and tech support workers (13.4%).

Real Estate

The typical home price in the East Campus/University of Oregon community is $630,233.  This implies that it is more costly than 84.4% of the neighborhoods nationwide while 82.7% of areas in Oregon. 

According to NeighborhoodScout, the current average rent in the University of Oregon’s East Campus neighborhood is $1,465. This neighborhood’s rents are less expensive than 78.3% of Oregon neighborhoods.

Single-family homes and medium-sized to big apartment complexes/high-rise apartments.  These have about three to four bedrooms to five bedrooms,  making the most of the East Campus’ real estate. Renters occupy the majority of the residential real estate. Most homes at the University of Oregon’s East Campus area were constructed after 2000.  Also, a handful of houses were built between 1970 and 1999.


Most employment opportunities in East Campus Eugene are school-based positions.  They are assistant professors, guidance counselors, and etc. However, the opportunities in the restaurant service and hospitality sectors are available.


This area is designated for Eugene School District 4j, which has roughly 17,208 students enrolled in 40 schools and is rated average based on student test results. If the street address of a specific property is available, it is simple to look up that property and learn all the details about the neighboring schools.

Unique Transportation Options

Many people in the East Campus/University of Oregon community may walk to work. Approximately 43.0% of the people here prefer to walk to and from work. This is a more significant percentage of commuters who walk than we observed in 99.4% of American areas. So, if you move here, be prepared to wear your walking shoes!


East Campus Eugene is home to several well-known local hangouts, including McMenamins East 19th Street Cafe. This funky, bohemian hangout is anchored by an antique wood stove and serves burgers and beers by the pool. For some Italian fare, head on to Beppe and Gianni’s Trattoria, providing large portions of fresh pasta and vintage wines for its new and loyal customers. Finally, think of Agate Alley Bistro as your night’s last stop.

For some reasons, making East Campus Eugene your new neighborhood in the future is a good decision.


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