Moving to Downtown Eugene, Oregon

It is simple to understand why people from all over the world are relocating to Eugene. It is among the many potential locations in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

Eugene boasts a distinct culture, excellent outdoor access, and a leisurely pace of life. Families, young professionals, and retirees may all enjoy it here.

Continue reading for a brief overview of Downtown Eugene, Oregon.


There are 4,260 people currently living in Downtown Eugene. This county seat serves Lane County’s very well quaint community within Eugene. According to recent projections, the Eugune population has increased by 6.7% since the 2010 census, indicating that this city will only continue to expand in the years to come.

Oregon was the sixth-most popular relocation place in the US, as seen in the last 2019 National Movers Study. As a result, the real estate market in Oregon is seeing unprecedented growth. In addition, rock bottom borrowing rates for 2020 and 2021 have sparked an unprecedented buyer demand, driving up prices.

Real Estate

The housing market in Eugene has undoubtedly survived the turbulence. For Downtown Eugene, the real estate website Realtor lists the median home price at $ 470,000 and the median listing price per square foot at $ 337. One thousand one hundred seventy-seven residences are now available in Downtown Eugene, Oregon.

Employment Opportunities

You should probably look for a job before deciding on moving in. In that regard, there is good news: Eugene’s economy is prospering. Oregon’s economy was recently ranked eighth in the US by Wallethub.

The two most significant sectors are education and healthcare, though technology is becoming more prevalent. See the Silicon Shire website for a quick reference to Eugene’s tech enterprises. These enterprises crunch numbers of much potential.

In Downtown Eugene, jobs range from writing to medical and clerical positions. There are also job openings for non-profit groups. You’ll need to conduct a ton of research depending on your line of employment before deciding to move.


Eugene is a great place to do it if you plan to create a family soon or if you already have children.

In Eugene, neighborhoods are closely interwoven and place a great value on creating a feeling of community. This means that it is a well-liked choice for parents who want to foster progressive ideas in their kids since they are diverse, especially in South Eugene.

South Eugene High School, commonly affectionately referred to as the “University of South Eugene,” is one of the most outstanding public schools in the state and undoubtedly one of the most unique.

The educational options for children in Downtown Eugene are Edison Elementary School and Roosevelt Middle School.

Fun Things to do in Eugene

A walking tour is one of the most incredible ways to discover Eugene’s downtown. You can take a guided tour with America’s Hub World Tours or a self-guided tour of the historic structures or the diverse collection of outdoor murals. In addition, they provide an excellent “foodie” trip and a city tour that also takes in nearby districts.


There are a lot of well-known sights in Eugene’s downtown that drives tourists there. In Kesey Square, which bears the author’s name, you can find popular restaurants like Sizzle Pie, Voodoo Doughnuts, and food trucks. Eugene’s primary venue for performing arts is the Hult Center, and the Park Blocks are home to the vibrant Saturday Market and Lane County Farmers Markets. Once downtown, you’ll find a wide variety of fantastic boutique stores, galleries, and excellent restaurants. In addition, discover impressive downtown happy hours for savings at neighborhood establishments.

So, there you have it. There are many reasons to move to Downtown Eugene and make it your next home!


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