Moving to Churchill, Eugene, Oregon

 What’s it like to reside in Churchill, Eugene? If you’re considering relocating to Churchill, Eugene, Oregon,  here are several ways to determine if it fits you well. 

Population and  Demographics in Churchill, Eugene, Oregon

Churchill, Eugene, Oregon, is a neighborhood home to 9,308 people.  About 713 people live there per square mile. Eugene in Churchill Hills’ residents is 42 years old on average. However, the local population is 37% younger than in similar cities nationwide.

The demographics of a place can be a fair indicator of how ‘friendly’ a place is. About 42% of the households in Churchill are renter-occupied.

Real Estate

Churchill, Eugene, Oregon, has the median listing price for homes for sale is $520,000. About 42 active houses are for sale, which is listed for an average of 49 days, according to

Moving to Churchill, Eugene, Oregon


Given the constant demand for communities with top-rated public schools, finding that those areas tend to have somewhat higher housing values is not unexpected. Check out the local schools and their rankings if you have children or intend to have them in the future. Five B+ and better-rated public elementary schools are located in the district, including Ridgeline Montessori School (#112 in the state), Charlemagne French Immersion Elementary School (#43 in the state), and Yujin Gakuen Elementary School (#91 in the state). Five C and above ranked public middle schools are located in the district, including Ridgeline Montessori School (#53 in the state), Kennedy Middle School (#113 in the state), and The Village School (#100 in the state). Willamette High School (#100) and Churchill High School (#42 in the state) are among the three public high schools in the district with ratings of C or higher.


Churchill, Eugene, Oregon, presents several job opportunities to the locals. The most common career categories include sports and leisure, healthcare, medical professions, management, and restaurant and hospitality. Additionally, positions are available in the sales, retail, and human resources industries.


Some people find reasonable commute time to their chosen weekend in Churchill, Eugene, Oregon. Hangout is a real treat, while the idea of being car-dependent is intolerable for others.

The neighborhood’s amenities are easy to be familiar with.  You can complete the majority of your daily duties on foot. The walk score for Churchill, Eugene, is 23, the bike score is 30, and the transit score is 22. Nearly all errands demand a vehicle.


Churchill Eugene has several parks and playgrounds, such as Hawkins Heights City ParkCornucopia Restaurant, and Westmoreland Park. These playgrounds offer excellent leisure opportunities for both children and adults. Families may enjoy a pleasant picnic in the shade or take the kids for a weekend walk along the trail in the summer.

Churchill, Eugene, has a few playgrounds and parks, such as Hawkins Heights City ParkMorse Ranch Park, and Mami’s Mexican Grill. These playgrounds offer excellent leisure opportunities for both children and adults. Families can have a relaxing picnic in the shade.  Schedule to take the kids for a weekend walk along the trail in the summer.


 Churchill, Eugene, has access to various food establishments. You may get your morning brew from Metro Bru, Togo’s, or My Coffee, and then head to Burrito Boy, Bagel Sphere, or Cornbread Cafe for a laid-back weekend brunch. Satisfy your sweet taste in Churchill, Eugene, at places like TCBY, Bob’s Donuts, and Dizzy Dean’s Hot Donuts. The locals enjoy ordering burgers from Starbucks, Ivy’s Cookin, Five Guys, and tacos from Super Taco, Burrito Boy, or PL International Market. Arby’s, Little Caesars Pizza, and Albee’s NY Gyros are all excellent choices for a fun dining experience.

Many grocery stores in Churchill, Eugene, include Mary Ellen’s Salads, Lowe’s, and Churchill Market.

Here are many diverse approaches; you may decide if Churchill, Oregon, is the best place for you if you’re contemplating relocating there.

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