Moving to Bethel-Danebo, Eugene, Oregon

Is it nice to live in Bethel-Danebo, Eugene, Oregon? Should you relocate to Bethel-Danebo? What’s it like to live in here? Learn about the neighborhood’s amenities, demographics, transit alternatives, schools, daycares, things to do, and available real estate.

You are making your next move.  It could be as simple as reading the information below regarding Bethel-Danebo, Eugene, Oregon.

Population and Demographic

Its current population is 22,000, with a median age of 37. With 64% owner-occupied dwellings and average household size of 2.6 people, Bethel Danebo offers a neighborhood atmosphere.

Did you know that Bethel has more residents of Greek and Norwegian origin than almost any other neighborhood in America? For real! Currently, 6.0% of people in this neighborhood are of Norwegian heritage, while 2.1% are of Greek descent. 

Bethel is unique linguistically. Significantly, 2.0% of those living there who are five years old or older speak Greek at home. Even though this might seem small, it is more than 99.2% of American communities.

Real Estate

If you wish to reside inside the city borders, the Bethel-Danebo neighborhood in Eugene, OR, has the lowest price per square foot. A sizable chunk comprises track homes and newer (constructed in or after 2000) suburban housing developments. Ranch-style homes can be seen in some of the older areas. Additionally, it is conveniently close to the Eugene Airport. The neighborhood has several dogs, family parks, and food stores close by, and it connects to bicycling and walking routes. View the map and residences for sale in this region by scrolling down.

The median listing price for homes for sale in Bethel-Danebo, Eugene, OR, is $367,450. In Bethel- Danebo, Eugene, Oregon, there are 91 active properties for sale, according to, which are listed for 42 days on average.

Employment Opportunities

According to Wallethub, Oregon’s economy is now ranked eighth in the US. 

Most of the jobs in Bethel-Danebo, Eugene, OR, are for stay-at-home nannies and school custodians. Depending on your area of work, you’ll need to study before deciding to move.


Communities in Eugene are closely knit and place a great value on establishing a feeling of community. As a result, they are a well-liked choice for parents who seek to foster progressive beliefs in their children, particularly in South Eugene

South Eugene High School, commonly affectionately referred to as the “University of South Eugene,” is undoubtedly one of the state’s best and most notable public schools.

Children in Bethel-Danebo Eugene have other educational opportunities, like Meadow View SchoolPrairie Mountain School, and Irving Elementary School.


Locals and visitors of Bethel-Danebo, Eugene, Oregon have access to various dining alternatives. You can stop into Yogi Tea, Subway, or Java Generations to get your morning brew. Old Time Scoops, Daynight Donuts, and Lee’s Donuts are excellent options for satisfying your sweet taste in Bethel-Danebo, Eugene. Locals adore ordering burgers from Starbucks, Jack in the Box, Carl’s Jr., and tacos from El Charro Mexican RestaurantViking Braggot, or Burrito Boy. Some beautiful places for a fun in-restaurant dining experience include Subway, The Spare Room Pub, and Ubon Thai Kitchen.

So there you have it. Making Bethel-Danebo, Eugene, Oregon, your permanent home in the future is a wise choice for several reasons.


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