Ferry Street Bridge, Eugene, Oregon

The Ferry Street Bridge community in Eugene, Oregon, has the advantage of providing an excellent place for raising a family. Here is what you should know about this community. 

You could be referring to the actual bridge when you say “Ferry Street Bridge” in Eugene, Oregon. You are, however, most definitely referring to one of Eugene’s most well-known metropolitan areas.

The Ferry Street Bridge Area has traditionally been a popular hangout for families and young professionals in Eugene. South of Beltline and west of Interstate 5 is where the Ferry Street Bridge neighborhood is situated. There are parks, golf courses, and the Willamette River on the east and south borders.

Enjoy the fast-paced, laid-back business atmosphere here, including a diverse selection of stores, restaurants, and a famous riverfront with running and bicycle trails. Living in this neighborhood gives you the impression that you are only 5 minutes away from virtually everything you need.


Demographics and Population

Ferry Street Bridge has 7,119 people and a population density of 11,905 people per square mile. The majority of the residents in the neighborhood are white, with 10% identifying as Asian and 3% identifying as Black.


Home Values and the Real Estate Market

Due to the city’s zoning restrictions in this region, there is a limited supply of properties. Thus, the real estate market for Ferry Street Bridge remains stable. As a result, you will quickly see property prices range from lower mid-range to high-end luxury residences when browsing the Ferry Street Bridge real estate listings.

The median property value in this area is estimated to be $270,200, with annual upticks of 4.4 percent expected.



Aside from its superb attributes and convenient location, the Ferry Street Bridge region has several notable schools. Willagillespie Community SchoolEugene Montessori School Inc.Monroe Middle School, and others are nearby K-12 schools. The University of Oregon is also close to the Ferry Street Bridge. In addition, there are several other public and private colleges and universities in the area.



There are numerous job options because of the community’s easy access to several cities via the Ferry Street Bridge. Furthermore, Eugene City is one of the region’s largest employers, and the city routinely posts job openings on its website.

When job hunting, you could also go to the Vista Vocational Inc. and Express Job Professional, two adjacent employment facilities at Ferry Street Bridge. Numerous job placement services can assist you with your job search, including the county’s employment office and WorkSource Lane.


Activities and Events

The Ferry Street Bridge in Eugene is located in the city’s heart. The Willamette River bridge that connects downtown Eugene gives it its name. Furthermore, the Ferry Street Bridge is home to many great recreational activities.

Golfers can play at the Eugene Country Club or Oakway Golf Course. The Sheldon Pool and Fitness Center offers year-round programs for swimmers. The T Bridge area includes many beautiful parks, and the nearby Delta Ponds are excellent for animal viewing.

Cal Young Sports Park is a multi-use facility that exhibits the area’s primary amenities. On the Willamette River’s banks, Alton Baker Park is a popular attraction during the same time. It includes the Cuthbert Amphitheater, which holds many outdoor summer concerts.

Ferry Street Bridge is a specific area with all of the comforts found in larger cities. It is brimming with never-ending opportunities and recreational activities that you should take advantage of.

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