Coburg, Eugene, Oregon

Coburg community in Eugene, Oregon, has the advantages of providing an excellent place for raising a family.  Here is what you should know about this community.

Coburg showcases the spaces and beautiful natural scenery, making it easy to see this community as a real home. With its rich vegetation, scenic views, and temperate climate throughout the year, you’ll be able to enjoy living in this pleasant place no matter what time of day or season it may happen. In addition, the community prides itself on being small-town friendly with cheaper taxes than larger cities nearby.

Coburg is a serene farming community surrounded by lovely pastures. The nearby You-Pick farms and wineries provide opportunities for visitors who want to get off the beaten path. At the same time, hop cultivation provides jobs in this quaint town that also houses many other agricultural activities like sheep ranching or cattle grazing. In the fall, when leaves change colors on trees throughout the beautiful landscape, you’ll find it hard not to stop at scenic views outside your car window every day!


Population and Demographics

Coburg has a total land area of 1.0 square miles. The city is expanding at a pace of about 2% each year. The Coburg’s population is 1,130, with a population density of 1,191 persons per square mile, spanning over a mile.

The majority of the population in Coburg is White (nearly 92%), followed by Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander (about 5%), and other races represent 1% of Coburg’s population.

The median listing home price in Coburg is $589K, trending up about 32.7% year-over-year. Additionally, the median home sold price was $552.5K.



The Coburg area offers top schools from elementary to high school. These include the Coburg Community Charter School and Gilham Elementary School. The top schools with middle school present the Coburg Community Charter School and Cal Young Middle School, while higher education for Sheldon High School. The area is also near the University of Oregon and offers other public and private college and university options.



The job growth in Coburg for this area has been positive at 40.31%. Jobs have Increased by 1.1% over the past year. In addition, The average income of every resident is $26,765, and the median income of all households is $55,132.

Coburg is a town that welcomes growth and has recently invested in water infrastructure. Recently, they’ve made investments to improve their I-5 interchange as well! Along with these improvements comes significant land opportunities along Interstate 5. You can find light industrial or highway commercial space available, too. There’s even more potential for development downtown since it charmingly includes some old Victorian homes, which would make unique additions if appropriately restored.


Events and Activities

Whether you are looking for a place to call home or want some of the best country life, Coburg has it all. There are many things to do in Coburg, from taking a stroll through the National Historic District or watching historical movies on summer nights. One of its most popular attractions is a walking tour that will show you all about this beautiful community! The Oregon State Willamette Valley Bikeway runs through downtown, which provides cyclists an opportunity for touring.

Their annual Golden Years celebration celebrates everything that makes this community unique! You can also enjoy the popular yearly events in the community, including the Coburg Car ClassicCoburg Antique Fair, Summer Concerts, and Movies in the Park.

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