Harlow, Eugene, Oregon

If you are the type to want all two things at once, like living the urban lifestyle while enjoying the great outdoors, then living in Harlow, Eugene, Oregon, is the right fit for you. Harlow offers incredible listings as the Willamette River sprawls into the neighborhood, showing you and your family a grand time in an afternoon of canoeing, a romantic boat ride with your partner, or just a quick afternoon dip.


Population and Demographics

Families with children under 18 make up about half of the population, which the locals consider a “home sweet home”. The population’s median age is 28.3. The Harlow neighborhood has a population density around 9% higher than Eugene’s. Harlow’s population density is 3,977 people per square mile, with a total population of 12,899.


Real Estate and Home Values

Surprisingly, Harlow’s real estate listings are a seller’s market, however not nearly enough because there are more purchasers than available properties. The median list price of houses in Harlow is $339,500, with an annual increase of 1.5 percent. Currently, 23 properties are on the market, with prices ranging from $ $199,000 to $1,500,00 M.

Those who choose to rent may be shocked to learn that renters account for 55% of Harlow residents, remaining homeowners. According to the real estate website Zillow, single-detached houses account for 45% of Harlow’s structures. While most are tiny apartment buildings, the other half are larger apartment buildings strewn across the city.



Harlow, Eugene, Oregon’s best and most expansive residential area, offers various civic and social activities. These support local businesses, schools, churches, parks, local stores, and restaurants, thanks to citizens’ social and active community involvement.

Harlow’s median household income of $ 49,402 is 11% greater than the national average in the United States. Its per capita income is around $30,087, roughly 1% higher than the national average. Even though Harlow’s unemployment rate is 4.1 percent, it is still lower than the national average of 12 percent.


Events and Activities

Harlow’s civic responsibilities to its community were not affected by the pandemic. Through the program known as “The Bubbling-2020s,” which was part of the planning in late August, Harlow residents attended online meetings to discuss and comprehend the new normal and organize upcoming summer activities without sacrificing safety or adhering to social distancing rules.

The Harlow community also joined Eugene’s Open Streets initiative, which encourages residents to go outside while also ensuring that they have safe places to walk, ride, and stroll around in. The activities of the programs are designed to promote the community’s mental and physical well-being.

A great Harlow neighborhood will look after you and your family in good and bad times. But, Harlow is more than just a charming neighborhood. Its welcoming community may persuade you to make a move.

Check out Harlow if you’re seeking a new home for your family or just a place to further your profession. You’ll notice how welcoming and supportive the community is, and Harlow will point you in the direction of a new home.

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