Moving to Friendly, Eugene, Oregon

Is Friendly Eugene a beautiful place to call home? How is it going living in Friendly Eugene? Learn about the neighborhood’s characteristics, residents, available transit options, schools, daycares, events, and real estate. You might make a better decision after reading the Friendly Eugene details. Population Friendly Eugene has 7,954 residents with a median age of 36.3 and …

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Moving to Southeast Eugene, Oregon

Eugene, Oregon, in the United States, has no neighborhood more southerly than Southeast. Schools, shops, low-income housing, ancient and new developments, and affluent homes are all in this diversified neighborhood. In addition, it has many natural resources, including most of Eugene’s surviving upland wildlife habitat. The region’s varied topography is enhanced with gentle hillside communities, …

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Goodpasture Island, Eugene, Oregon

Goodpasture Island community in Eugene, Oregon, shares information on why it is ideal for raising a family. The community of Goodpasture can be found in northeast Eugene, just a short distance from Delta Highway and the Willamette River. The name “Goodpasture Island” represented this new neighborhood after separating it with Cal Young’s original land division …

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