Eugene Communities

Jefferson Westside

Jefferson Westside community in Eugene, Oregon, shares information on why it is ideal for raising a family.   The Jefferson Westside Neighborhood is centrally placed in Eugene, making all of the city’s attractions easily accessible. This area is around halfway between W. and N. and N 7th to 18th Avenues and Lawrence/Willamette and Chambers Streets. Because of

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Whiteaker, Eugene, Oregon

Is the Whiteaker community in Eugene, Oregon, an ideal place for raising a family?   The Whiteaker community in Eugene, Oregon, shares information on why it is an ideal place to raise a family. The Whiteaker neighborhood, sometimes known as “The Whit,” grew out of a historic part of Eugene to become the city’s leading insider

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Downtown Eugene, Oregon

Is Downtown Eugene, Oregon Community an ideal place for raising a family?   The Downtown Eugene, Oregon community gives you the reasons to choose it as the ideal place for raising a family based on the following information. Eugene’s social, economic, and cultural hub is located in Downtown Eugene. It’s where you may catch a

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Harlow, Eugene, Oregon

If you are the type to want all two things at once, like living the urban lifestyle while enjoying the great outdoors, then living in Harlow, Eugene, Oregon, is the right fit for you. Harlow offers incredible listings as the Willamette River sprawls into the neighborhood, showing you and your family a grand time in an afternoon of

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Bethel, Eugene, Oregon

Bethel community in Eugene, Oregon, provides you the benefits of choosing it to raise your family, considering the following information: The Bethel neighborhood in Eugene is one of Eugene’s more affordable areas, making it a fantastic place to reside. This neighborhood is located in west Eugene, between Clear Lake Road and Highway 99 to the

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